Sunday, 17 November 2013

Local and accessible: Music in the Community

EastVan Moon Jams

The Art House in the Field hosted a night of Eastvan Moon Jams.  They filled the air of Slocan Park on Thursday night.  Family, friends and community members had the chance for an intimate little show and got a close up encounter with the lovely moving sounds of the local jazz musicians, The Jazzholes. Not so much smooth jazz as it was bouncy and playful, interpretation courtesy of the dance steps at the back of the room! Eastvan Moon Jams are a monthly event organized by local artists with local artists for locals!! Eastvan Moon Jams are volunteer driven.  There is always tea and cookies to enjoy for a small price and there is a small ask for donations that always go to the musicians.

The Jazzholes play their own compositions, save for a couple of covers.  The upbeat rounds between this quartet keep you mesmerized.  It was completely fun to let the sounds dance around the small venue to enter your imagination and lift you up.

Thank you so much to The Jazzholes for coming out for Eastvan Moon Jams.  Without the efforts of the volunteers and the desire of musicians to play at small community events like this, we would not be any closer towards being thriving art hub. Instead of a quiet empty dark field hall, we are lucky this Renfrew Collingwood central location gets transformed from time to time with the monthly Eastvan Moon Jams for the community to come and enjoy for a small price.  The interest for a central hub to connect to artists of all disciplines creates immense amounts of opportunities to collaborate, and grow closer together in our efforts to promote art, strengthening the culture and identity of our neighbourhood.

If you are interested in attending or would like to be the highlight of an Eastvan Moon Jam night please e-mail:

submitted by: Jolene Andrew

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