Sunday, 13 April 2014

Update: Still Creek Stories

Amazing work has been done in the Renfrew Collingwood Neighbourhood for decades to promote arts and environmental awareness.  If you are a resident, neighbour or returning friend of the neighbourhoods you are probably familiar with the many events and initiative that the Still Moon Arts Society contributes to.  This Spring Still Creek Stories is bringing the stories of a Teen Action Group, community members, seniors groups and neighbours living in the direct path of the proposed Street Drawing project.

Draft working plan for Street Drawing - Suzo Hickey
The initial process of this project is to gather the stories of the residents past and present to integrate into the design to bring to life the drawing and the connection people have to the area.  If you would like to share and contribute to the art and stories you are encouraged to visit Still Moon Arts.

To enhance the amazing work Still Moon already does through it's community arts engagement work, performance arts is injected into many of the projects and events that support art in community.  Children's Festival which takes place annually, May to June, will be privileged enough to have youth trained in a performance intensive program.  The program builds their capacity to concentrate and increase their skills, and adopt disciplinary practices in performance, learning what it means to engage children in theatre through clowning, entertaining and performing.

Thank you Still Moon Arts Society - From Art House in the Field Collective

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