Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Art House in the Field - Bringing more life and art to Slocan Park

Art House in the Field (ArHF) Welcoming Event
Happy New Year!  The Renfrew Collingwood Multi-cultural Artist Network has a very exciting year in store.  We had a very warm Welcoming get together to celebrate what will com to the newly created Art House in the Field (ArHF) we have a arrangement of activities and creative genius' that will be at work!  Through to June we will be hosting, by various artists, drop-in visual arts, an open music night, and a regular West Coast Aboriginal art exploration creativity.  Along with monthly get togethers we can expect that the life brought to ArHF will create new opportunities in addition to the annual events taking place around the Slocan Park Field House and community.

Community members will be welcome to drop in to the weekly sessions on our calendar.  Visit with Yoko for "Make-IT".  A visual arts drop-in.  Artists are asked to bring their own works and material if they can.  3pm - 5pm starting January 17.  Thursday evenings from 7pm - 9pm, also starting January 17, Carmen Rosen will be hosting an open Music Night, so if you have an necessary rehearsing, jamming or interest to make some music, this will be a nice time to come out and meet others in the community that enjoy doing the same!  Fridays from 11am - 3pm, starting January 11th, Aboriginal artists are invited to come and have a space to create and explore traditional and contemporary forms of art.  Please feel free to come by to say hello and learn about local art opportunities and take a chance to get involved in some art yourself at any of the above times.

Listed on our RCMap Calendar are monthly get togethers as well.  Come and help clean the Renfrew Ravine of invasive plants and learn about testing water quality in our community parks.  Meet for Ravine Clean-Ups are the last Sunday of every month at 10am - 12pm followed by Tea at the Slocan Park Field House.  Meeting  at the 27th Avenue cross-over in the Renfrew Ravine Park, for a map click here.  On the last Thursday of every month, starting in February, join a "Show & Tell" of sorts at our Artsicle.  Meet other artists, see what kind of creativity is happening.  Come for inspiration and share ideas, we also encourage opportunities to present your work, not only learn about others'.  Collaboration opportunities at Art House in the Field and new projects come to reality by finding those that are dedicated to taking the time to see community art take place!


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